Mass mailings do not impact

Maintain a channel of communication with your current clients

Email your clients

Let's face it, mass mailings do not impact much less will bring you customers. We took advantage of the use of this tool to maintain a channel of communication with your current clients, not to find new customers, this favors the presence and positioning of your brand, while maintaining your market informed.

Design and programming of custom templates
If you are sending an email, make sure you have content of interest to correctly transmit the image of your company and that will highlight the best message and the points you want to communicate to your customers. Our task is to design and code custom templates that allow you to send informational emails to your customers attractive and can be viewed from any computer or mobile device.

Sending mass emails
We insist that mass mailings should be directed to your customers who already know you, usually (and for reasons of habit) discard junk mail daily receive in our inbox. Our service is to maintain a continuous communication channel with your customer database via scheduled shipments over a platform that ensures that they will enter your inbox and not the spam.

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