Brand Marketing

Various offline and online marketing tactics to attract new customers

Brand Marketing Process

Conception coaches and supports your organization in developing and implementing your annual marketing plan. On the basis of your strategy, desired positioning and key objectives we make together with a choice of different ways to manipulate the market. Online advertising, cold calling, PR, website, social media, call center to joint promotions, social media marketing and whitepaper.

Various offline and online marketing tactics to attract new customers and retain existing customers are reviewed. This results in a reasoned and well-budgeted marketing plan that you can execute step by step. A more systematic approach saves money while maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Through close cooperation with your employees, we ensure sufficient support and casued of that continuity and implementation of the plan is guaranteed.

During the implementation of the marketing plan, we remain closely involved as a business coach for your organization. With one point you have an experienced marketing manager who takes care in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team for a proper and timely execution.

Your Business Advisor, together with you and your employees a professional and well-researched marketing plan and is closely involved in improving your sales and operating income. To strengthen your market and increase the sales of your company structurally we work according to a proven approach and methodology. Through a structured way to proceed, we come in a number of sessions with you to a results-oriented marketing plan for your company. , you need to take in order to have a lot of knowledge and experience not experienced marketing manager with that way . By using us on a flexible basis your fixed costs low.

Increases the effectiveness and measurability of your marketing and sales activities. More sales with less time, energy and resources.

Works closely with a team of specialists in the field of graphic design, online marketing, copywriting, social media, IT / website development and commercial skills. This provides you with a single point of contact directly all the necessary expertise to support your growth plan adequately and to perform. Full service we call it!

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