Why displayed on web Notices Privacy Policy Cookies?

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For some time there will be found to access many web pages a warning about the use of cookies on the site. This is because the Legislation was amended on 30 March 2012 in respect of services of Internet and electronic commerce.

This modification affects, among other things, entities that have websites and regulating the use of cookies and most websites use them.

Do I have to make changes to my site?

This audience law there are two types of cookies, technical and other . Technical cookies are those of the functioning of the site, such as shopping carts, user sessions … The rest of cookies can be themselves or others (social networking widget, analytical, ads …).

Almost all pages have this second type of cookies. If you are on our website, this change in the law requires us to make changes to the website.

What to do?

In the first instance be clearly inform users of cookies on the website. We also have to provide the user detailed each of the cookies are used and how they can revoke the acceptance of cookies such information.

What can happen if I do?

Failure to make the changes is breached Article 39 of the Act, which provides various economic sanctions (mild up to 30,000)

How do I do it?

It depends some cases. If you have a website or blog on wordpress with several plugin that allow you to incorporate privacy policy. But if you have a normal web, you’ll need some company as we will implement it. It’s not very complicated but need to know some programming.

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