We can rescue a brand through e-commerce.

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In this globalized world we are in, electronic commerce is a key to accelerating the international expansion of the brand channel. However, there is a pending issue for many firms still see the Internet more as an online storefront as a strategic priority channel to grow your business, which is a business challenge, but also an opportunity to open new markets , generate growth and enhance brand image.

For a brand, e-commerce site is more than just another one of their stores it involves the opening of a ‘global flagship store opened in horaio 24/7 “365 days a year. Thus, the high penetration of mobile devices and the opportunities has increased the attractiveness
Dubai Branding Agency and potential of electronic commerce, as “mobile multiplied to infinity the number of possibilities for exchange and purchase globally.
The challenge for e-commerce is to combine new technologies and back to reality. Create an interactive store with the consumer. Online so the client is alone with the products, this will make the level of demand in the human relationship with the store is much higher. Previously, products were sold in the future experience, producing a distinct pleasure and excitement will be sold. Therefore we are now able to bring life back to the marks, and that all persons who have an internet access are potential customers.
During the daily trips made ​​by users through the world of the web, are exposed to a wide amount of ads and promotions that invite us to make electronic transactions. Such a large range of products and services with the ability to be purchased with just a few clicks brings us to the question:

How are electronic shopping in Dubai?
Reviewing several statistics, we see that the results are not as popular or utilized as it should. : Some hard to place in the context of the Dubai electronic market data
According to e-Marketer, is expected to e-commerce exceeds 100,000 AED for 2016.

With an annual turnover of 80,000 million per year, e-commerce accounts for only 10% of 860,000 billed mp so offline.
50% of purchases electronically performed are related to not fully material goods, ie: Reservations flights, hotels, and tickets to events.
30% of electronic transactions are performed from mobile devices.

To better understand the market, it is crucial to know the reasons why in Dubai are not as popular electronic purchases:
. The main reason why you are not buying via the web is the poor perception of Internet fraud
Entrepreneurs who join This trading scheme are few. That is, compared to the total products sold in Dubai the percentage of those that are offered online is still very low.
problems of logistics and shipping of products, as well as the lack of information by traders and buyers.
Lack of information: how easy it is to have safe payment options and delivery is unknown.
In Dubai, internet penetration is just 35%.

In 2011, a group of entrepreneurs led by Felipe Martínez Vaca, saw an opportunity to put a price on an idea to exploit the e-commerce through business intelligence. In Dubai this market is now worth more than 16,000 million pesos (mp), and takes place in an environment of few players with a niche that records an overwhelming growth annual rate of 40%.
Martínez Vaca seeks to take this opportunity and change sales online. With 2 million in the checkbook Yopter created an online store that will be released shortly with a system that will allow you to analyze and communicate consumer preferences in real time and offer only what we do match the taste of the users. Moreover, it is based on a program of mathematical intelligence that offer the segmented profiles market and detailed individual or group consumers.
Ie like gold for those seeking to avoid getting lost in the woods and hunt for customer who already have perfectly placed by gender, age segment. Through a system of geo location, Yopter offers businesses that hire their services through a presumably friendly platform, locate their customers through the mobile device to bring with them to offer you the great discount of day. This tool will provide businesses of indicators on consumer profiles with different crosses and analysis for decision-making in real time.
“platform is designed so it can be used by the owner of the SPA, the owner of the dry cleaning, restaurant or stationary, “says Martinez, who claims to have already a list of 1,200 facilities already registered for starting, and three months later they charged a fixed monthly amount, depending on the information they use every affiliate trade.
According to an analysis of e-Marketer, is expected to exceed 100,000 Ecommerce mdp 2016 Faced with this data, you might think that e-commerce is an absolutely unknown land to Mexicans and is waiting for someone to go to his conquest . Today, 80,000 pesos annually billed in electronic commerce, just 10% of what records the self-service sector offline believed to be around 860,000 pesos.
According to the trends, with 15 million Internet credit card of the figure would be reached 100,000 million, but if the math does not fail and 90 million debit cards that there will be enabled, sales would be projected to double, ie, a click will reach 160,000 pesos.

Quick reply
pueyrredon Marcos, president of the Latin American Institute of Electronic Commerce, explains that there has been a lot of evolution in the world of the digital economy in 15 years recording technological breakthroughs and especially large changes in consumer habits online. “E-commerce is not based solely on price, variety, convenience and assessments, but also everything that consumers seek any purchase offline: the right product and a unique shopping experience,” he explains.
fever This sale online has involved major companies in retail and department of  Dubai, but also other important international actors have landed in the Mexican market with the opening of its online stores like Privalia, Linio, Groupon, Gamers, Gaudena.
Bernardo Cordero, co-founder and commercial director Linio retail store, knows that quality and service are the experiences that lead to customer loyalty. With 6 months of life, Linio has over 45,000 products on their site, which has generated more than 60 thousand visitors a day. For year-end, hopes to reach 500 thousand users. Figure anything crazy before an annual growth of 46% of e-commerce in Dubai in 2012, representing an average figure of 79,600 pesos.
Ulrick For Noel, director of Rocket Internet Dubai, German company with presence in 18 countries anchors, launches and replicates successful business models online, the opportunity of electronic commerce in Dubai is all. Although over 50% of e-commerce registers the travel with hotel reservations and purchase airline tickets and shows, there are segments that have grown, as the sale of furniture. Ulrick also preparing to launch Dubai SEO pidiendo.com easytaxi.com and two sites already piloting services in the City of Dubai.

Allies and barriers
Other players who actively participate in e-commerce are the means of payment. Companies like VISA, MasterCard and PayPal, have been major drivers of the culture of online shopping, but poor perception of Internet fraud opaque their actions to the consumer and trade.
Federico Gómez, director of PayPal Dubai, estimates that although there is a steady growth, the country is a step back. In three years this leading payments company has more than 2 million accounts with a turnover of 3 digits. “Given the size of population and economy should be doubled in e-commerce, and it is not for a number of reasons; one of them is because there are not enough entrepreneurs. ”
Gomez says that mobile devices will accelerate to the e-commerce sector in Dubai, which will be in less than 5 years, taking into account that today 29% of the transactions and -commerce runs via mobile devices.
flashpoints Another e-commerce is the logistics and shipping of products. There are now companies that deliver within 48 hours. The lack of information from both shops and shoppers is a constant. “How easy it is to have safe payment options is unknown,” says the executive.
Víctor de la Barrera, vice president of Electronic Commerce Mexican Internet Association (AMIPCI), argues that the market looks positive, but there are three indicators to be analyzed very closely.
The first is the penetration of the Internet, access to technology in Dubai round 35% penetration, and quality of broadband.
The second is the financial issue, which means the ability to purchased through electronic payment or online banking products. In Dubai, 60% of purchases made ​​by credit card and there is an average of 25 million credit card universe, but we have a great opportunity with debit cards, as already mentioned, the ratio is 3 to 1 against the credit.
And the third category is concerned with the commercial offer. The management of AMIPCI says this must be very strong, varied and differentiated with high after-sales service, such as distribution, delivery, warranty, returns, exchanges, expedited response to complaints or problems; this cluster of services, he says, are some differentiators that make a preferred site.
For now, who do not stand to electronic commerce is leaving him almost completely non-competitive channel.

The e-commerce is an online strategy and presence is critical momentum on his way to internationalization and building a global brand. All manufacturers face many challenges, such as the fall in domestic demand, new relationships with consumers, the growth of channels: well living with a constant need to adapt and reinvent; It is a fact that today it is essential to go for the brand as a key asset for competitiveness and internationalization as the only possible route to growth and even survival. In this game it is to compete in the international market with the brand and the opportunities that the internet gives us, or die.

Finally, a list of the areas of opportunity for those new to the market are integrated on the web:

  1. The consumer seeks what any purchase offline: suitable product and a unique shopping experience. One thing that points to the creation of user friendly pages that facilitate the acquisition as product possible.
  2. All indications are that mobile devices are the future of online shopping, which means that a friendly application well designed and will be the best platform for business.
  3. There is a large untapped opportunity with debit cards. For every credit card, there are 3 debit.
  4. The differentiator in electronic shopping is in the aftermarket attention. distribution, delivery, warranty, returns, exchanges and complaints expeditiously to answer
  5. A correct exposure in different platforms social networks promoted products give consumers greater confidence
  6. The two factors that motivate the buyer are exclusive descuentas for online and FREE SHIPPING platform.

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