The importance of SEO and Page Title, Keywords and Description

Today not enough to have an Internet presence, since the goal of any page should be an alternate channel of communication between your customers and your company to end sales of your products or services will increase.

Therefore it is very important to consider code optimization for search engines, from the classic “meta tags” that are the page title, site description and keywords, but Google Dubai SEO now days no longer gives the same value to the words key than before, since the use of these same spam abused and therefore is a requirement to integrate however, is not the most important, so if you require a lot of attention is the important content of the page along the top stories each section, just as one must consider the correct names for the images, as well as its alternate text for images is also positioned in the search engines.

There are many additional tools and optimizations that are currently included in the code of all our pages if you want to know more about this issue or you require a more specialized SEO services, contact us and we will gladly assist.

Thomas James

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