The importance of responsive web sites optimized for mobile devices

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We know that cell phone use is no longer limited exclusively to receive calls and send text messages. The number of users who access and regularly use the Internet through mobile devices has increased exponentially in recent years due to technological advances in this area.

Samsung, Nokia and Apple are the major companies that dominate the sector. The progress these companies have had their products and solutions have improved exponentially in recent years. Because of this progress, users can currently use these products as tools for various purposes from communication to entertainment and productivity.

Therefore, companies in Dubai (and almost everyone) should consider this medium and these devices a reality. These are other main reasons that reinforce this argument:

  • By mid-July 2013, Dubai had already exceeded 100 million mobile users.
  • In Dubai, smartphones are the most widely used device to access the Internet.
  • It is predicted that by 2015, almost 70% of the lines will be smartphones.
  • During 2013, approximately 60% of Internet users made a purchase or transaction.
  • Use of smartphones and mobile devices in Dubai is a reality that landed in almost all markets. Therefore, it is essential that any marketing strategy that involves digital media, also take into account users who use these devices.

Sites or web pages that are optimized for mobile or responsive design feature devices offer various advantages of content and accessibility for the user. Web Market Environment recommends implementing web sites or pages that have responsive design that adapts to the screen resolution of any mobile or fixed device.

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