The 8 most common errors in Internet Marketing

The Marketing online is the study of the techniques of using the Internet to advertise and sell products and services; covers advertising, banner ads on websites, mass email submissions, search engine marketing (including search engine optimization), the use of Social Media Marketing networks.

Internet Marketing can be defined as the use of Internet and other digital technologies related to achieve marketing objectives of the organization, according to the current approach to discipline.

Thus, the most common mistakes that can derail a business online, and we can not afford to make mistakes of this type if we are doing Internet Marketing, because they can be negative or even decisive for the failure of a business Internet.

According to studies that have been conducted, most businesses commit one or more of these errors we will see below, so I suggest you pay attention at every point and modify your website if necessary, just as you can advise by an advisory expert as G4A , where they can help you develop a website according to your needs.

1.-Using a free hosting provider.

We can find hundreds of them across the network, providing space 10 Mb, 20 Mb or 50 Mb to host your website completely free of charge; these providers, in exchange for their service, show your ads on sites its users, or through pop-up windows. Dubai SEO

This is strongly discouraged since a commercial website can not convey credibility with this type of hosting, thus, these servers are overloaded Internet and offer a very poor transfer.

Something basic to create a business website is vital to have your own domain with a hosting provider that gives us adequate benefits to our website, because the first impression is very important for an Internet business. Remember that the moment of truth is the first moment when the customer comes in contact with our service, and on that basis contact forms an opinion about the quality of it, also, there is no second chance to make the first impression.

In G4A posting we offer to suit your needs, be it a small space shared hosting or an array of servers, we offer all our customers the same: best practices in security, availability, continuity and redituabilidad. Datacenter N + 2 Military Class Tier-3, double firewall, dual system of daily backups, even in real time on request. Services managed and unmanaged.

2. not effectively use email.

The use of email is the main tool of Internet Business, after a web site; so it is vital to succeed or fail; thus we have to use it daily to answer emails, read incoming messages, send email campaigns, etc.

An organization is doomed to failure if you do not have well defined communication through email clients or prospective clients.

Email has many advantages, and should be exploited to the maximum, it is not to create more work, but to organize and optimize communications to reduce labor and increase efficiency.

Overloading 3.- website.

The main objective of a business website is to sell, therefore, if a website is packed with graphics, music, java applets, etc. Slows loading it, it’s very bad for business websites because Internet users are not patient and may end up going to another website before it stops Loading ours.

The sooner you are on our website is better, do not wait for our customers, as key stakeholders in visiting our website we are.

Unless the website sells comics, design, etc. must not set or a graph (unless absolutely necessary), because the graphics itself, not sold rather distract the surfer. In any case, the graphics should be optimized to prevent too much website.

The web site design speaks for itself of the company. The web design must be aligned to the corporate image, institutional colors and the preference of the owner. But above must be an amazing experience for the user. Every page tells a story, it should be visible in any way, must be fast and must be functional. To G4A every place has something to sell, whether ideas, information, products or services. Our major contribution lies in our ability to identify business opportunities with the force of a comprehensive, attractive and modern design using cutting edge technologies. With quality and beauty will highlight the values ​​of your business.

In G4A your best Internet experience, we have a team of highly effective design that can guide you to make the most on your website, so if you are interested you can ask us.

4. not create an Dubai Branding Agency electronic newsletter.

From experience, people are afraid to shop online because they do not have enough confidence in selling website; through newsletters can help build trust between the surfer and the selling company, and significantly improve sales.

The newsletter should be by voluntary subscription and free. Through him, we reported the news to our website, whether new products, services, new sections, etc. surfer, but the content should be interesting to readers, we write industry articles, practical tips, news, etc.

In G4A We have years of experience in Electronic Commerce from the creation, operation and strategy. First analyze the target market and plan what kind of project you require online to sell your products or services. Then we create and execute best practice in web design. And do not leave just because we will guide you on how to operate with training, definition of means of payment and shipping. Our advice on the subject is our added value. Come with us and you will know why.

Spamming 5.-

It is a widely used in many web sites “newbies” technique, in Internet Business anyone connects to the Internet to read his email propaganda is, most hate receiving unwanted mails (spam).

Spam apart from being effective, gives a bad image to the company or website that sent it, and a way to derail a business online. Many people do not see or do not believe it until his own experience end up suffering the consequences.

6. Create a website and think that will work for us.

Many people believe that just build and place a page on the Internet and have your business up and sit and wait for their orders to fall from heaven. Developing a website is only the first step to be present on the Internet, but then you have to work to make it work efficiently and effectively, and make a profit.

Internet is a tool that provides many opportunities and possibilities, but you have to apply them effectively to an Internet Business really works. We can have the best product around the Internet, but it is not known to him, sell or a unit.

Whether it’s an e-commerce website, web page or multimedia news portal, G4A used techniques, and proven quality processes to execute with better methodologies. Since the process of client work to how to improve it. Everything is considered. And for this we use the latest in technology. For example use responsive design, HTML5 and CSS3. We support the use of open platforms as a means to accelerate development.

Similarly in Conception we help you promote your new website, develop online campaigns not to throw away your money, your brand, developing a mobile application on your website, because we have Google Adwords certified personnel and extensive experience in creating, managing and optimizing online advertising campaigns.

7.- Create a website difficult to navigate or update a website incorrectly

The navigation of a website must be intuitive and easy to use based on the user experience. Netizens are constantly visiting new places, and little motivation to learn to use. If a website is difficult to handle them quickly march to another. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to facilitate their use.

Frequently we find that after learning the operation of a website to a specific action, like watching some statistics, enter a section of users, etc. we change the design or the names of the links, thus hampering the use of the website, this is not good for our customers because they are difficult to navigate our website, and feel upset. In the updates we maintain the same performance as far as possible so as not to force our customers have to relearn the operation again.

If you already have a web site and any of our previous offerings fits your needs, but have a problem that needs to be turned, approach Conception , and we will help in areas such as:

  1. Improve my current design
  2. Improve the performance of my site
  3. Increase traffic and conversion
  4. Solution of advanced technical problems
  5. Troubleshooting.

8.- not know the opinions of visitors, which can turn into opportunities.

Internet Business Many forget to ask for suggestions or ignore requests from Internet users who visit the website. This is not good for a business website, and the surfer, often is our main source of income and if you are not happy with the website will no longer visit and possibly lose the customer.

We have to ask what they think about our web site, we can suggest questions like: What would you improve ?, find defects ?, Which section would you include ?, etc. .. At the end of the day are they who browse our website, and if we give them what they want to feel comfortable in it and will be more satisfied when navigating our website.

There are certainly many more errors that can occur, but if we do not prevent them from committing errors, begin effectively with our business and Internet marketing.

In Conception We applied traditional disciplines with exceptional values. Our mission is simple but concrete: create the best experience on the Internet. The definition encompasses everything and we advise and create projects with strategy. We start with finding the best entry strategy, analysis of the objectives and customer needs, designing the user experience, we conduct comprehensive internal meetings to define the features that add more value to the project and we develop a one.

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