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Lately diving is common to find online the term ” Responsive Web “or” Web adapted to different devices . ” We wanted to devote a little space to clarify this is the responsive sites and especially if it’s important that our website will meet different types of devices or is it a fad that we have to stop running.

What is a page or a responsive adapted to mobile devices?

Responsive web

A responsive web is a web that display correctly on different devices, no matter the screen size . This visualization ng is not equal on a screen of a monitor on a screen of a phone or tablet. that is, the web reacts differently depending on the device that is showing.

This allows us to comfortably read anywhere regardless of device or device you are using. If we use a small phone will not have uncomfortable bar to move left and right, but the content is displayed vertically and be very comfortable viewing.

Is it important that our website is responsive?

At the time we live in today is not that important, is that it is essential . Millions of people now have smartphones or tablets and smartphones, and many people will access through our various devices to your computer.

If a person enters a device and view our web costs almost automatically look for another option. Therefore it is essential that the user correctly display our information. This is the only solution that suits our website different devices.

That is if you have a website (! or blog !) of a business, an institution, an institution that … whatever it is advisable to be responsive

What, two different websites are made?

Here are two options:

– Independent Pages . You will have seen that some pages have an option “Mobile Version”. This option is displayed when accessed using a mobile device only. In these pages there are two developments, a regular web page and another adapted to mobile devices.

In this case the site adapted to mobile devices usually contain less information than the website “mother”, and often contain dynamic information such as news.


– Page responsive . Another option is to complete the same page matches the device according to size. There are several options, but the most common is that according to the screen will be smaller narrowing go anywhere. In this case, several things can happen:

  • The main content of the page fits the screen width (texts, images, videos …)
  • The different blocks are reorganizing content, going to take new positions. For example, if we have a sidebar, to narrow the display elements were in it (like widget, text, links …) go to the bottom of the web, so that the content looks first and then see these sections
  • The menu goes sel combo selection. This way you can have a complex menu with very little space
  • Disappear superfluous elements that can fill in too much content in the header or page.
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