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The Clinic Plastic Kim Royzan works since 1998 dedicated to Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery. It was founded by Dr. Kim Royzan , a pioneer in the country in running a medical facility of this type. It has the best team of professionals in their field to always offer the highest quality.

The clinical center has the latest technology and is characterized by the quality and prestige of their services. It is located in Lima, in the district of Surco, with two premises: first, the Clinic, in av. Javier Prado Este 4005, and the other, the Medical Spa in the same street and number 3997. is opposite the Jockey Plaza Shopping Center.

Royzan Kim

Dr. Kim Royzan (CMD 053 151) is the founder and director of the center. He specializes in Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine, entitled the National University Federico Villarreal (Lima, Peru) and specializing in the Graduate School Ribero di Paula (Belo Horizonte, Brazil).

Professor of theoretical and practical courses, such as: Strands of Facial and Body Dermosustentación, Lipotransfer and Platelet Rich Plasma, issued to the Peruvian Association of Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery; Also, advances in facial cosmetic surgery, organized by the Peruvian Society of Maxillofacial Surgery, Head and Neck.

He has also been a speaker at international conferences Aesthetic Surgery in France, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. He has also been Director General of the Clinic La Femme, from 1995 to 1999.

For his outstanding career in the world of cosmetic surgery, is frequently invited to several TV shows as well as local magazines and newspapers as a medical consultant.

Clinical and treatments
Plastic Medical Clinic & Spa Kim Royzan offers a number of services, always with the latest technological equipment and a staff of attentive to providing the best quality professional beauty treatments.

The main treatments are:

Smart Lipo
It is a body and facial remodeling through the removal of fat in the cells. He is known as smart lipo and, at present, is the best lipoescultórico treatment. It is fast and no major hassles. Ideal for a facial thinning, gill and extremities (arms and reaffirmation of advanced cellulite removal), as well as molded sides and buttock contours.

It is the eyelid surgery under local anesthesia. Involves removing fat, excess skin and surrounding muscles. Corrects drooping eyelids and annoying eye bags. This as a result of advancing age, fatigue and stress. This really does not eliminate crow’s feet and wrinkles. The recovery of this outpatient procedure is fast, in just a few days back to everyday activities; postoperative and ready just some advice.

Breast Surgery
The breast implant is no longer a craze among women but a common operation and above all, simple. Serves to increase the size and shape of the bust. This procedure is done under strict security measures, both material (gel implants silicone certified by the European Community and by ISO 9001) and technology. The service does not require hospitalization and is done under local anesthesia, has a quick recovery and periareolar invisible scar.

In addition, breast reduction and suspension is done to achieve a reduction of breast volume and raise the areola to its original position, providing a natural image because the infra-areolar scar is. This operation allows the patient to regain the harmony of your breasts, in turn avoiding strong neck and back pain and changes in the spine.


It is an obesity treatment, without surgery or drugs. It consists of a silicone balloon high quality and resistant to stomach acid. It is placed into the stomach and filled with saline. With this, the power capacity is reduced and satiety is obtained. This is achieved with a balanced diet and exercise to strengthen the muscles. A person can lose between 25 and 40 kilos in about six months; after that, the intragastric balloon is removed. And outpatient treatment is performed through endoscopy orally.

It is the treatment to cure male pecs, because it is a condition that increases breast size man; especially hormonal periods, such as during infancy, adolescence and old age. The operation is simple and speedy recovery, under local anesthesia without noticeable scar.

Botulinum Toxin
Removes wrinkles. It is simple, painless and is especially fast. It involves the application of botulinum toxin injection, outpatient procedure that requires no anesthesia. It is recommended to use it on frown lines, forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet mainly. Although it can also be used in surgery for forehead lift, eyelid surgery and facelift. It has a durable period of between 3-8 months. It is safe and effective alternative treatments in facial rejuvenation, according to a study presented at the 70th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) issued in Orlando (Florida, USA).

BIO Rejuvenation 3D
There are 3 techniques with immediate results to look younger: 1 Threads dermosustentación, through lifting facial lifting structures taken down; Lipotransfer 2, which is the transfer of fat from one body part to some areas of the face to increase the volume and remove wrinkles; and 3 platelet-rich plasma, which is to isolate and utilize bio-stimulatory substances in the patient’s own plasma to stimulate and accelerate tissue regeneration, especially on the face, neck and chest.

This treatment aims to achieve the perfect profile, harmony in the face, under two noninvasive techniques: polyacrylamide gel (filler or implant) and Dermosustentación threads. The results are immediate because no plaster is used, requires no cuts, so do not leave scars or bruises.

implants fill With the elevation of the nasal tip and correction of irregularities of the nasal dorsum is achieved. It is done with injections microcannulas 0.2 mm under the endoprosthesis technique using polyacrylamide gel, which is long lasting and leaves the effect of Overfill, does not migrate and is reversible (can be removed when you want).

Dermosustentación yarns avoid higher perform cosmetic surgery, and avoid the risk and consequent fear of any transaction cost. It removes sagging cheeks and neck, correcting previous surgeries, brow lift, chin augmentation and lift and cheek, like lifting and thinning of the nasal tip. It can also be applied to improve sagging arms and breast. Treatment involves inoculating subcutaneously polypropylene yarns for correcting sagging. No scars, is performed under local anesthesia and is long lasting.

Also performed rhinoplasty , when the patient warrants. It is the treatment to bring the nose with broad tip and elevation and correction of deviated septum. It is done with traditional techniques and requires to have a protective cast for about a week.

The Center Medical Spa noninvasive treatments are performed with cosmiatry services (masks, and facials), nutrition (weight loss diets by nutritionists) and body treatments (massage, jacuzzi and hairdressing). How to get renewed both in body and in a state of total relaxation.

Clinic of Plastic creating the new web
Because we are dedicated to the aesthetics of the human being, seeking harmony and beauty of the body, so now we wanted to extend the elegance and distinction that we usually provide to our website. We’ve redesigned to give them a better face on the Internet and also very simple to know them and interact with us.

Now we can find everything you are looking for beauty treatments in a single click , wherever you are and using the device you have, whether through a computer, tablet or smartphone you have on hand.

Creative Staff handled the redesign of the website, focusing primarily on the accessibility and ease of communication. The new website is modern and racy fresh, friendly colors and content with a clear and direct writing.

Since the clinic is committed to providing the best quality service to their patients and clients, always using the most advanced medicine and technology, wanted this to be reflected in a new web page:

Clinical Plastic Kim new web stream

The new website Dubai Web Design is easy entry and understanding, with fresh and modern colors. Each button brings up a new window which explains in simple and direct each of the services the clinic offers way.

The Home or Home page consists of 5 sections: We , where we are and who has medical staff in charge with the utmost professionalism, Treatments , which is an animated image window where direct services detailing how we best consist each; Testimonials section known personalities who tell us their impressions of the treatments were performed in the clinic; Us , which is the way to interact through queries or suggestions on the Internet; and New , corporate blog where you share the latest news, tips and advice, among other topics.

The novelty of this new page is to be closer to all stakeholders and to meet their expectations in information. Now you can make an appointment with the professionals through the web just filling a simple form, those which are usually answered within 24 hours ..

Plastic Clinic on Social Networks
Another objective of the new website was that simple and fast, the user has the ability to subscribe to any of the social media profiles that clinic staff handles. Social Media Marketing

Thus, the user has several ways to get to know about promotions, offers and news on the latest in cosmetic treatments that are offered at both centers in both Cosmetic Surgery and Spa.

You can renew online image of your company, or if you do not already have one web page , please contact us. We are professional in the design and development of web portals to suit all types of businesses. Contact Us!

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