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We all would like to appear on the top of Google, Yahoo! and search engines. There is no magic formula that will ensure that your website appears in the top positions of search, however yes there is a process called SEO optimization and SEO (For short Search Engine Optimization – search engine positioning), which enables you to get / scalar privileged positions (no cost per click) on the results of a search engine.

Through the Internet, some areas are most competitive than others depending on the rotation and type of business of your company, depending on this, many times you will be competing with thousands of pages to appear in the top positions.

The SEO is based on analysis, implementation and correction process that involves the following steps that will ensure correct positioning in the search engines:

Phase 1:

  • Identifying the needs of the website.
  • Study of commercial sector to which your website belongs.
  • Id profile, preferences and socioeconomic users of its website.
  • Suggestions choice of keywords to reach users through search engines to your website.

This phase is extremely important to identify users or potential new customers find your website.

Phase 2:

  • High on major search engines and National Directories.
  • Creating Strategic links (its purpose is to achieve a greater number of visits).
  • SEO Optimization and (textual and visual) content of your web page.

A transcendent in the positioning of a site point is the quality with which it was developed and programmed, that is the code it contains and how it is structured, this results in a web page to be friendly and accessible to search engines and will facilitate their search engine optimization, is why the develop and program a website faithfully we follow the best basic methods to accomplish this:

Programming successful in XHTML and CSS
Web Environment Program pure CSS, no tables or frames, this facilitates the analysis and positioning of the search engines, we make sure that our code is validated by W3C standards.

Relevant and search engine friendly URL’S titles.
attribute appropriate for each and every page of your site that properly describe the specific content of each title.

Appropriate use of graphics (pictures / photos) and Flash animations.
zoom and flash animations are invisible to search engines, for this reason it is important not saturate the web pages with these elements. The graphics (pictures / photos) must be accompanied with ALT tags to describe their content and to facilitate SEO.

Each page contains its own key words increase your chances of being found through search engines. These keywords should adequately describe the content of each web page and the terms to be searched.

Phase 3:

  • Analysis of the results obtained from statistics and weekly reports.
  • Correction and optimization of the first 2 phases.
  • The analysis process is repeated, it becomes a correct and optimize if necessary.

After the optimization, it’s just a matter of analyzing, maintaining and continuously adjust to the desired position.

We guarantee 100% increase in qualified traffic in the period hire us.

Thomas James

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