New way of Blackmail: The information your company has been kidnapped

It is happening in Europe, it’s time prevent, as hundreds of folders stored on the computer in a completely inaccessible encrypted company is the result of a new form of cyber-extortion with which the propagators of a virus hijack the device information and ask their owners until 4000 euros in exchange for his release.

Ransom-ware is the virus that performed the operation, this type of attack, is an evolution of the “virus of the police”, so called because the criminals used the logo of the National Police to request 100 euro fine in exchange for unlocking infected computers, with the excuse that they had consulted Dubai SEO pages pedophilia.

The ransom-ware is one of the most similar to an attack without technological means threats: the kidnapping. In its computerized application, the ransom-ware is a malicious code that encrypts the information from the computer and enter into it a set of instructions so that the user can retrieve your files. The victim, the password for releasing the information, the attacker must pay a sum of money, according to the provided instructions.

Payment is usually indicated through a bank deposit, after which the attacker sends the passwords to decrypt the hard disk information. In early versions, the encryption methods used were most precarious and retrieve information was a viable task without delivering the money to the attacker. However, threatens Ransom-ware whose development is parallel to the new encryption methods and its severity, thus increasing proportionally the development of cryptography.

The attack, in the common case, takes effect only certain files; being affected by the main office, such as word processors, spreadsheets or slides. Also pictures and emails are considered priority for the common attacks.

The name comes from the Saxon word “Ransom” that defines the requirement of payment for the restoration of freedom of someone or an object, ie a kidnapping. Anyway, is also commonly referred to these attacks as cripto virus.

The birth of this attack dates back to 1989, when by mail were distributed to pharmaceutical companies, diskettes that allegedly contained information regarding HIV. When you run the files it contained, the effects of the attack occurred: the computer information was encrypted and the victim could see a set of instructions and requirements to recover your data, including the delivery of money to the attacker.

Although proactive malware defense is the main line of defense with which the user account to prevent this threat; another method to minimize damage by the user, is to create periodic backups of computer data.

Now this virus, active since early this year and found mainly its victims into the computers of companies, is more virulent, experts say, as well as lock the screen of the computer and prevent their use stored information snatches on the device and encrypted.

Once infected the device with the injury resulting to a businessman, looking ciberdelicuente economic benefit because, after all this is a hijacking of the information, which if you do not have backups, you can not use.

And as such, there is a demand for ransom and instructions to make the payment, written in English, that these “cyber sequestrates” left on the computer desk in a text file or on the screen itself.

After informing the owner that their information “has been encrypted” and do not accept bargain for decrypt your files, recommend their victim to send mail to follow the steps and pay the ransom through prepaid cards that have an assigned code so that the anonymity of the transaction is maintained.

“In this case there is no guile, they will be clear and say that they have encrypted the information on your computer, and if you want her back you have to pay, because remember that it is criminals who do not necessarily have to deliver.

And there are people who have paid and not gotten the information from your computer.

So “never” have to access this type of blackmail caused by a virus for which there are no “vaccine”.

What do exist are recommendations and precautions. To prevent these infections cyber criminals launched primarily to servers and systems with security vulnerabilities, the most important thing is to have an updated antivirus and bring “a policy of backups daily or weekly backups depending on the importance of information” . Social Media Marketing

While noting that these copies are stored in an external device to the computer because “no use having the copy on a hard drive that is connected to the computer because that information will also be infected,” he adds.

Who is behind these attacks? Experts say criminal networks are specialized in the spread of this virus, based in Eastern Europe, who buy the virus to their creators.

It is a mafia, everyone has a piece of the business; create and sell a tool and others buy the kit and make the profits by the victims, and the security forces along with antivirus development companies are working to find applications that can cope with this powerful malware.

The best option is to have backups on external drives, which is important to observe the following suggestions:

Automated backup on an internal hard drive: You can use Time Machine, which every time you back up to an external hard drive. Makes a backup on two external that are combined to a RAID 1 (so the data is written simultaneously to both disks) hard drives. If one disk fails, the second disc is exactly the same for the backup created.

Manual backup to an external hard drive: once a month, make a copy of the most important data (mostly photos and archival documents that have supported in the cloud or on Dropbox) on an external hard drive and I guarded them in a safe place.

Dropbox: Store documents in Dropbox. You have to make a minimum payment per year, which allows me to retrieve any folder; retrieve a Dropbox folder is usually faster than using Time Machine.


Even if it looks complicated to you, or if you do not want to spend money on cloud storage for at least an external disk and DVDs to back up your most important documents. Believe me, hard drives fail and data loss is annoying, quinine has been through this, knows the nightmare that is losing information.

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