How to Make the Blank Run in Web Design

The term “white space” is sometimes used interchangeably with “negative space”, the concept is the same. Although the terms refer to space “white” in particular, the area in question does not have to be white at all. It’s just empty space around the design of a website.

Space like this can come in many different forms, such as the space between images and graphics, channels, margins, columns or lines of typing methods. While it appears that is made ​​from “nothing” – only in that no other design element occupying the space – white space should not be treated that way, treat it as “nothing can be missed opportunities for a truly aesthetic Design and attractive Dubai Web Design.
Whitespace, managed properly, can provide a lot of benefits to web design. Instead of reducing the white space, go against the grain and be sure to increase it on your page. Some well known and popular brands are already moving in this direction, and it is time that more designers to follow.

More white space equal to one mark and most luxurious page
Customers typically want the designers to use the best possible space for the payment worthwhile. However, do the opposite – increase the blanks – makes the designer has to build a smarter brand message in a more restrictive space.

In addition, the perception is that a web page with more white space is one in which your content is vital that the screen space. As a result, a more luxurious brand is because he is willing to sacrifice screen space to focus on your content.

Luxury brands have not failed to understand this phenomenon and regularly use more white space to achieve this effect.


Pottery Barn is a well-known high-end furniture retailer in the United States, and their website makes clever use of white space to reflect. The white space is dominant in the home, on the sides to better direct the attention of visitors to your promotions in the middle of the page. Even the brand name has a generous white space between the letters.


Blank to promote comfortable searches
A simple but effective advantage Blank demonstration can be seen in two major search engines: Google and Yahoo Search .

Google understands precisely that users looking for a certain topic, do not want to be distracted with overloaded funds and publicity. Therefore, the white space dominates the Google search page with the search bar occupying a small space in the center. Similarly, Yahoo Search applies this clever use of white space, too. While this page has a long menu bar above, the idea is the same: lots of white space so that the user can concentrate on nothing but the search. Dubai Branding Agency
Readability receives a boost
Readability anywhere is reinforced when the blank is used intelligently. If the text on the page is all tight, it will be difficult to achieve a comfortable reading, which deteriorates the user experience in general. More white space enhances the reading experience making the text clearer, improving the understanding also.

A site that handles very well this principle is Information Highwayman , the site of D BNonN Tennant, editor and marketer. As someone who boasts that he knows what the great web content can do for any small business, it is comforting to see that Tennant walks the walk on your own site. The spacing between characters in the title bar of the copy, the text and the menu is suitable to ensure readability and legibility.

White space can also be used in between different sections of content, not only to enhance the reading experience, but to break various parts of the content for better absorption. The website of Andrew Lucas demonstrates this very well. He is a web designer from London, and uses white space effectively in their website.

Back to other more vibrant colors

Perhaps, even more simple, a blank most direct benefit is that it makes other colors stand out a site to the point of being brighter than ever. This is very useful for capturing the eyes of the visitor to the site, since the depth of the colors, the richness and intensity are emphasized more than ever.

The web designer behind the website I Am Dan understands so well that embodies this concept in his home with his limited use of color. Much of your website is single space interrupted by a touch of red. Because of this tactic, the red highlighting links to your portfolio and inviting visitors to navigate your site stand out effectively, increasing the chances that visitors will complete the call to action. Social Media Marketing

Zurb is a web design company that also demonstrates how white space can highlight colors. Their website features a solid color on the top of the homepage and colorful icons to different web pages (right side of the fold). Apart from this minimal use of color, the whole design of the main page has blank.

Simple colors like green, orange and red will have the effect of creating a look that is both enjoyable and focused time. The sites listed above take a minimalist approach to color because there is so much white space. As a result, colors are used very judiciously, which means that users will appreciate it even more.

White space is not wasted space
Web designers have to move farther and farther away from the mistaken belief that they have to put each item and color possible on the screen in the design of a site. As illustrated in the above examples, the blank can make a big impact when used in such a way to highlight the content of a brand, increase readability and minimalist colors do stand out.

The phrase “less is more” really applies to the whole concept of white space, no matter how you look. In a broader sense, this take on minimalism in web design also has been getting very popular lately and is definitely a trend that will continue. Dubai SEO

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