Do SMEs should be on the Internet?

The short answer is yes. However, the most common problem is that they lack an objective, a budget and without a strategic plan.

As we have mentioned in other articles, good strategic planning, applied to any digital marketing strategy, in this case, the development of a website, reduces risk and maximizes results by which it is developing the project.

Having an online presence does not ensure that there will be results if not even a specific purpose for which it is defined dabbling in Internet. For example I would like in 6 months, 30% of the sales of my business came from my website. If we have a clear objective nor we measure the results and return on investment of these useful means, be on the Internet just to be is of little or almost nothing.

In Web environment, we help you define your objectives and strategic goals applied to the development of your website in order to make the most of your investment.

Thomas James

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