Conversion Marketing (CPA)

How can you know if visitors to your website or shop anything muster? Make use of conversion marketing: it is a marketing technique in which users are encouraged to a certain action – such as buying a product – to perform. The value of that action can exact meet. For example: You want to know if it is worth 1,500 AED to pay for a link With conversion marketing you know that you got thirty visitors bought for 1,200 AED products together. Your ad cost is higher than your income, so you decide to no longer advertise .

  • Work on the usability of your website
  • Make sure your website conveys confidence during the conversion process
  • I want to increase the return on investment (ROI) on my website!


A client of ours expressed conversion marketing quite soberly: “I do not want thousands of visitors to my website , I want a few customers who step inside that door for us. ”

The goal of any good website is that an action occurs that is important to your online strategy . Conversion marketing means so think about how visitors are encouraged to perform. Social Media Marketing such action
is interesting is that you are online conversions perfectly can measure and thus can calculate how much you earn back on every dirham you invest in perfect online marketing.

Issues that are often measured by conversion marketing are:

  • Purchase of a product
  • Subscription to the newsletter
  • Request a free trial
  • Fill out a contact form
  • Invite friends

Lesser known conversion examples which, however, some websites are quite relevant:

  • A customer has viewed at least ten pages on your website
  • A visitor stays on your site for longer than 3 minutes

If you are seriously engaged with your website, you have no doubt already thought about how you can prompt to perform the action you want people. The Conception Dubai SEO Team is pleased to help you with that. Based on our experience, we know the basic techniques work well . But what is even better: Your business is unique. So if we do not know for sure what works, then we’re not going to guess and gamble. Based on a structured A / B experiment , we can have different versions of your test web pages. Also, multivariate tests are possible.

Thomas James

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