Branding and Web Design for Editorial Magazine

A few months ago, DubaiMedia Group was approached with Conception. to develop a new food magazine, an interesting editorial design challenge for us, because it actually had to develop two magazines: two zero numbers DubaiMedia studies submitted to focus groups to choose the design and the name of the magazine.

The magazine, intended to be distributed each month through subscriptions and restaurants in the north of the city, is aimed at men and women (more women than men) 35 years and older and socioeconomic BC +

Magazines dedicated to food, usually range between two concepts.’s Food magazine and restaurant guide DubaiMedia wanted to break with both: provide more than just a compendium of recipes which would be limited to the target housewives and overcome the temptation to enlist restaurants and, therefore, more pleasing to advertisers that its readers.

On the issue of content, the magazine aims to provide useful content and interesting information: recipes, history and peculiarities of dishes, restaurant reviews, interviews with chefs and restaurateurs, social life around food, tips, recommendations, questions and answers a short guide to restaurants that changes from month to month. The magazine has a warm and personal approach, always involving people around food: the owner, the chef, the sommelier, diners.

In terms of design, our goal was to create a very functional magazine easy to consult, with identifiable at first sight, allowing it to become a collectible magazine sections. All this, set in a modern and contemporary style to appeal to the good taste of the target market.

We created two design proposals:

  1.  The first was characterized by a minimalist design, very clean, ensuring the blanks.
  2.  The second with a friendly and warm style, proved to be the winning option.
Thomas James

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