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Impulse University is a civil association founded in 1999 to provide scholarships and opportunities to university students through financial assistance, comprehensive training and personalized guidance. Through this comprehensive support, seek to ensure not only that the trainees to complete their career success, no matter what obstacles or personal problems that can be faced.

That young people complete their career is not their only goal, the integral formation of University Impulse provides is intended to these young people to become agents of change in their own communities, to create a benefit that multiply and transcends into society .

University Impulse approaches us to renew their brand and communication about his 10th anniversary.

Dubai Branding Agency

To mark two alternatives were proposed:

  • Revitalizing brand, which includes elements of the original logo.
  • New brand concept.
  • Our goal was to communicate concepts such as success , accomplishment , college with a sense of warmth and closeness, latent qualities in this organization.

We start with an analysis of the earlier mark:

  • Previous Logo
  • Graphically, we wanted to reduce the number of elements, unifying fonts, use less colors and readability.
  • It worked on the two proposals and the customer chose the brand with a new concept:
  • Logo new Impulse


Art for education is the most important fundraising event of Impulse University. Regional artists donate their works, mainly paintings-and exposure where they are sold through a silent auction is presented.

The goals set for this communication campaign were:

  • Representing art as a central theme of the event.
  • Communicate the human sense of the work of University Impulse.
  • View education as a response to poor youth without access to opportunities.
  • For us, it was very important to have real art in graphic communication, rather than simulating an advertising illustration art. After the traditional design committee, call a dear friend H., Tony Peraza, known for the coupons they often published in local newspapers. We invite Tony to cooperate with us, we explain the creative concept and it started working.

Here we share the creative process of the work, we deliver the sketch to the final artwork Dubai Web Design:

This campaign was published in newspapers, posters, blankets and also had applications in multimedia presentation, mailer, invitations, separators and agendas.


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