AGP Tours and its new website: modern and attractive

Some of the most important qualities of the leading companies are adapting to the changing times and the challenges facing proponents of high competitiveness and technology on the market. Knowing this, the AGP Tours , a company with decades of work in the transport sector, decided to completely renew and reetrenarse Internet with a new, able to meet all the demands of its customers thousands of web. Perform this task, in which Creative Staff played a key role for the company meant that getting commercial importance and positioning seeking long. How did?

Evolution of Mobile Tours homepage
The aim of AGP Tours was to build a new, more functional, modern, interactive and informative, unlike the proposals and did other companies in its field in this virtual image aspect. The potential of its wide range of products and quality of service, on the other hand, were a guarantee to think in a competitive and unique design, made ​​known to the people the best of that company. Know their strengths and main ideas, then erected a data collection strategy, positioning and SEO web design adaptable to their characteristics.

Had many startup items as AGP Tours itself has several offline conditions that make it highly valuable exercise for all digital marketing . In principle, a success story for 25 years, inimitable, original and national flavor. From the first minibus Toyota Hiace used in its natural Rodriguez de Mendoza, survival in times of terrorism and transfer of operations to the capital, land company has a track record and experience behind that ensures reliability. The story of his business venture and the quality of their work were therefore strong points that from the beginning, emphasis was placed.

Other elements to take into account were the number of assets (infrastructure, fleet, prices, human capital, etc.) they possess. Today the company makes the inter provincial transport dozens of locations nationwide, mobilized tourists across the country, carrying thousands of parcels and goods across the country, carrying staff of major companies among other services made possible by a moving body front line distinguished by having the best brands and market bodies (Mercedes Benz, Hyundai, Scania, Marco Polo, Volvo, etc.) and major developments and amenities offered land-based industry (GPS, TV Video, flight service, air conditioning, wifi, etc.). All this additional information provided by the company regarding its own functioning, number of agencies, schedules, goals, mission, and more are added.

Organizing information: e-commerce
With the vast data collected proceeded to simplify and thematic development, and based on the techniques of card sorting was sought to partition the available information for segmenting and properly filed. The consensus among the parties threw assembling a menu that was finally used: Destinations / Itineraries / Services / Agencies / Company / Contact Us . Within each ofthese items, semantic and consistency criteria are privileged to allow high user experience and intuition and better seaworthiness. With the entire web tree, we turn to another set of specifications and requirements requested by the client, including several very important issues such as customer response formulas (emails, chat, information online, call center, etc.), but all platform e-commerce .

Page buy tickets

The latter is probably one of the strengths of the web page: your window shopping online. Distinguishable at first glance, its design is friendly and perfectly understandable. It requires no further explanation as it senses universal and simple. Simply key points should be noted as the place of origin and destination, if the passage be to buy one-way or both at once, and the dates to be held tentatively. After the system has been designed to offer the best alternative according to the ticket stock or existing locations. By selecting your location, simply fill in the fields with the personal data of the traveler and describe the type of card that will make the payment. Finally, the process ends with the registration of an email serves to confirm.

One advantage of the site is its high sense of direction and visual support for the user to find what you need quickly. The home of AGP Tours contains many useful items that help visitors to quickly to contact the company. A link to view the list of branches nationwide , one for the delivery of tickets, one for queries about shipments and parcels, one for travel promotions, one for questions, reservations and inquiries via chat. Such sum of options facilitates decision-making and strengthen the user experience by giving a short visual space virtually everything you need to know. This qualitative difference means a lot to any home page, in the sense that a didactic, without saturation sober presentation makes the journey pleasant, rather than heavy or dull.

Navigability and landing page
That last suggests the navigability of the site itself and the speed of its interface. Tests have shown that the site “runs” well, no major problems and in a time of perfect answer, whatever the operation to be performed. Navigability and user experience are favored not only in their home but also their internal items in the sites associated with the home or landing pages: Mobile Office / Mobile Tourist / Mobile Personal / Mobile Air . Each of these has a smooth presentation with the other tabs and the overall color of these (orange and white), and clearly set out the type of work you do. It should also be noted that relevant information and timelines that help the user learn more about the company, its experience and recognition’s included in each tab.

Thus, for example, Personal Mobile , along which tools provides the listing of the achievements and the reasons why the company believes that the navigator should choose them is. In Mobile Tourism , the strengths of the service and logistical and technological advantages of it is. In Mobile Cargo , the process of work done and security policies that run on each shipment. And in Mobile Air , the appeal of exclusive service offered to fly over the Nazca Lines wonderful. In all cases, despite different business areas constitute the idea of comprehensive service is never lost, nor even sense that characterizes the web.

In short, all the elements of a landing page are met: defined, clear and well-defined titles, selling, positive and assertive images, relevant forms, called the action functional, and a detail that has not been mentioned yet: invitations Join the profiles that the company has in the most popular social networks: Facebook , Twitter , Youtube , etc. All these elements are attached to the idea that the company and its creators had from the beginning: convert visitors into customers. The efforts reflected in the website obviously seeking retention to stay not minutes, but longer. Examining potential, AGP Tours website achieves its stated objectives: retaining customers, deepen the relationship, increase the consumption of products / services over time, build a communication where you can
listen to and satisfy customer needs, increasing the value of the product or service.

responsive design mobile toursAppearance and responsive design
And finally, there are the graphics and mobile adaptability or factors responsive design . Of little use to those described above values ​​without a flawless face that make attractive all the tools, programming efforts and employees. The website has a clean, balanced design with serif fonts and warm colors. The white and orange combination is complemented visually works well, is aesthetic and blends in no time. Also, to break the habit of composing grid sites, using images and icons arranged in triangular edges, rounded or quadrangular. Optically, a solid and attractive proposal, which invites the path is observed.

The solid and attractive sense of which we speak, can also be applied to any computer (or portable) from where the web display. Be tablet, Smartphone, PC, etc. This is certainly an important issue because with the rise of mobile devices, have a place specially tailored for those teams ensures that customers are not forced to check the presentation only desktop but
also portable, increasing sales opportunities. They know full well that more and more people make purchases, transactions, etc, from their phones. It is therefore important to maintain a web presence adaptable to all circumstances. The website of AGP Tours meets and exceeds these requirements by maintaining a single version for all presentations, where the only change is the size.

All change begins with a decision. When AGP Tours decided to upgrade its virtual format, he also decided to give a new flight to your corporate image. This website meets all those expectations and that imposes its field. Its content is useful to the client, it is easily navigable and intuitive, has a clear structure, excellent appearance, is fast, is walking with a few clicks, has tools for efficient contact, an online sales platform functional and many other strengths more. Such amount of points, we say without false modesty, puts it at the forefront of the transport sector, a condition in which we hope, have put our grain of sand.

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