6 Steps to Improve Minimalism in Web Design

In recent years, web design has changed several trends that have come and gone. One trend that has not gone away is the minimalism , simply because it is a timeless concept that has been popular in various media over the years. So why not in web design?

One of the best things about minimalism is that apart from looking good, improves the user experience . One complaint of many users for many years has been that some pages are difficult to navigate. There is much information that makes the UX worse than it could or should be.

The old adage “less is more” is still true, especially in regards to design in the XXI century.


1) Adopt a flat design
The flat design is characterized notably by the absence of shadows and gradients 3D effects, also uses bright colors to capture the attention of the user. A great brand, which adopted the flat design is Microsoft, especially in its Windows 8 operating system in the official website of the latest version 8.1, see the flat design presented in all its glory. This makes sense from a consistency since Windows 8 has renewed the flat design in your home page.

Therefore, on the site, do not find evidence of leftovers or gradients, all in 2D. Typography from various sources in the headlines and body text has texture of any kind, the page layout is very clean and shows no disorder, the icons are flat and the images of the home screens of Windows 8 are an Masters in flat design. Dubai Branding Agency

2) It incorporates white space

Whatever you call it, the negative space or white space is not only an exceptionally clever design element that guides the eye to where you want to go on the page, but it is a standard element of minimalism. More and more sites are using this design technique because they have realized how beneficial it is. Dubai Web Design

The best example of the integration of negative or white space around the internet site is probably the less you associate with it, because what you assume. You use it so much that just do not take it into account … but it’s there, I’m talking about Google.

It’s a great use of white space, for reasons that should be fairly obvious. Because the purpose of the site is to find, the company has used so much white space on the page that probably no user in the universe could be distracted by anything other than the search page. All elements have been removed and the negative space around the page. Obviously, this leads to the user’s eye and unique point of greatest importance: where to write your search. While the negative space is a perfect example of minimalism should also be noted that vacuum does not represent per se. ‘s actually a very clever design element that assists the moment to guide the user’s eyes.

3) It limits the options
One of the biggest rules to increase conversions on any e-commerce site is to reduce the number of options you give to users, buyers or visitors. This is one reason: When you remove the largest possible number of alternatives, you allow your visitors are not distracted by anything that prevents them from completing the goal of the page is converted. In addition, fewer choices is another target of minimalism in web design. One of the best places to see the magic of minimalism option is landing pages – pages that are what they promise. A company that understands the principle of minimalism is Gengo options, professional translation company.

limit options

On your landing page, you see a complete lack of options. That’s because the landing page makes it clear the next (and only) way for visitors: turning writing copy or upload the file for translation. Sure, the purists in the field of minimizing the election might argue that the above navigation menu in the header should be removed because users can click there instead of in the translation service. Social Media Marketing

4) Use bold
If you want to really appreciate the minimalism in its most elementary form, check the page Brian Danaher . Brian is an art director, designer and illustrator. As you can see, the design of your site is based on two things: typeface design and a single column, just that. Yes, minimalism may be too extreme for some tastes, but it accomplishes two important goals, which should be at the head of anyone who has a site to promote his career:

Because navigation is basically a single column, Brian can get to the point showing what he does, who he is and how they can contact you.

Brian uses the contrast (in font colors and background colors as well as between the sizes and font styles) correctly to give your visitors something interesting to watch.

5) Simplify your navigation
The navigation menu can be overlooked in a discussion of minimalism in web design , but this can also be a major contributor (though silent) to make minimalism work on our website. A navigation menu is unobtrusive and blends with the background is key to making a minimalist yet functional site.

Look photographer and web site designer Christian Ordoñez’s, is an example of a minimalist menu navigation. The menu is one such approach dedicated to minimalism that does not extend to the full width of the home; Instead, it’s like hiding in the upper right corner of the site. Furthermore, there is no slide-out menu, so no additional or different layers of navigation. Finally, menu colors (at least on the home page) subtly blend with the background color too.

6) Use color patches
Use small patches of color on your site will leave you adhere to the minimalist approach making it easy for visitors to realize what is important in any page. Incorporating small dots of color here and there, you can direct users to places of importance.

The website 960 Grid System, whose mission is to convey the process of web development, epitomizes this clever use of color very well. You’ll notice the small yellow dots, for example, which are used for internal links as “download” or “view demo”. Even Twitter’s logo in the upper left side has a patch of blue that takes you to the Twitter owner Nathan Smith.

color patches

Minimalism works if you know how to use it

Menciónale the word “minimalism” to some designers and reject the idea because they believe that a very simplified site will not be attractive. As the above examples show, that’s far from the truth.

Done correctly, minimalism in your site can take you to new trends like flat design help generate revenue or increase conversions if the alternatives are limited. Minimalism creates a well-organized, clean site that makes it easier for visitors things. That is reason enough to use it.

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