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Web designers use many tools to make Dubai Web Design best for visitors; one of the best ways to accomplish this is to incorporate science and research in the design to maximize user satisfaction.

The research provides visual designers to guide a plane on the priorities with which each site visitor absorbs information on a given page.

The visual research also gives us valuable information about the way visitors read websites. This information can be used by designers to make a comprehensive site to suit the average person. When users have a great experience visiting your page again, and there are chances that they become regular visitors. This has implications not matter what type of page you’re designing.

So what this research tells us about the average visitor? How can designers use this powerful information to create excellent sites? You will be surprised what research has discovered.


Jala eyes of visitors with good headlines, not images
Contrary to popular belief, the headlines are what captures the attention of visitors and not the amazing images. This finding is applicable to designs home, especially if you’re working on a news site. This also explains why many sites often use sensational headlines as an effort to get the precious attention of visitors.

In a well known study a few years ago, called the Eyetrack III , it was found that visitors to a website have a penchant for being captivated by the owners, particularly if they are dominant. In addition, the specific position of these holders in the home has an effect on the speed with which the visitor accessed. Locate your banners at the top left of your home page and get more visitors to pay attention to your content if you put your headlines elsewhere.

So if you’re a designer working on a news site, keep this in mind. The text draws the eye faster on a computer than it does one, contrary to what one might call conventional wisdom image. Designers in Fox New s (the 173 most popular website in the world and 36 of the United States) are well aware. Watch as the principal holder is precisely located on the upper left side of the page.
Design your page in an F-shaped pattern
trace-web-patron-fA few years ago, there was a revealing study of web users conducted by the Nielsen Norman Group . The study found that visitors everyday read any web page in a similar pattern to F.

In essence, visitors typically absorb information on a page with a horizontal opening movement, on the top of the page. This is the top line of the F. Then, visitors look down a bit before making another horizontally shorter than the initial move. This accounts for the second line of F. Finally, look at the content on the left side of the page vertically, ending the F

Knowing this constant scanning pattern in the average web user should motivare to design a site tailored to the way in which visitors read web content. Doing so will improve your user experience more widely and will give loyal visitors.

Some pages have already been implemented. Ghost Games is one of the new studies of EA Games in Sweden. Notice how your home fits into the pattern of F perfectly. This improves the user experience and easy navigation, especially since the end of the F takes you to information on the site. Dubai Branding Agency


Do not waste time with advertising banners, for sure your visitors will not.
Many people are of the irritating advertising, which explains why many visitors ignore it and focus on the useful content of the website. The technical term for this is called banner blindness . Another study by the Nielsen Norman Group showed that the majority of web users simply do not look at ads when absorbing web content.

It is a waste of time you design a website that is primarily based on display advertising to generate money. Given that study, you should reevaluate your primary means to get money into your content. Change display ads to a subscription-based it charges visitors a membership model. Some sites are already implementing this strategy due to weakness from display advertisements.

A great example of this is Club Penguin , an MMO (massively multiplayer online game) Disney property. The site is free of any advertising banner, so visitors are encouraged to buy memberships to play the game.


Avoid words and reloaded format
Again, minimalism is the order of the day, especially if you want your visitors to find information on your site efficiently. According to the blog of usability Department of Health and Human Services USA, the more pompous (read: made) format and the words of a website, more users will be confused and fail basic tests of navigation. The blog refers to the Nielsen study that asked subjects to find a basic piece of information from the United States Census Bureau Most failed the test miserably.

He asked the participants to find the current population of the United States, found in the home office. Surprisingly, only a ridiculous 14% of the participants could find the information, even when he was literally on them in big red letters to the right of the page. It is believed that this low level of success was due to the presence of information on the right side of the page, as opposed to well-established pattern reading F.

However, further analysis revealed that most participants simply ignored the information even had a hard red appearance of losing sight. They ignored by your presentation and format made it look overdone promotion or advertising of any kind. Because many web users do not pay attention to the ads displayed, this conclusion is not surprising based on what we already know. The Nielsen study was done 6 years ago and looking at your current page, seems to have learned the lesson. Now its population count is on the left, respecting the pattern of F and does not have an ornate format.


Understand the visual research, understand web design.
Visual research studies exist for a reason: they let us a blueprint of what they like and not to the web users anywhere, based on their behavior. Web designers who ignore these investigations do so at their own risk. Why do not you want to design a site that your visitors find it easy to navigate? Use this research intelligently and web users will find your site as pleasurable to navigate … which will bring more visitors and more popularity.

Remember, anywhere, are the headlines that capture the user’s eyes and so your attention, not the images. Always keep in mind the F-shaped pattern that represents the visual pattern of any visitor. You should design a home that respects this pattern somehow. Finally, avoid ad display not only look bad, but many visitors do not pay attention to it and will waste space and time. Explore other ways to earn revenue from your site, perhaps through membership and other means. And whatever you do, do not let your content look like a promotion or advertisement that visitors often ignore that too. Keep this in mind and would design a site in line with what they want visitors.

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