Creativity | Clarity | Decisiveness | Impact

Together in a short time from idea to realization


The name stands for sharp analysis, breaking traditional patterns and creative business ideas. With just one point you have a multi-disciplinary team and we mobilize in a short time all the knowledge and expertise needed for optimal results.

With knowledge of new technologies, markets and people, a talented design studio for photography, copywriting and graphic design, web developers young and short lines in the implementation Together we make your idea a resounding success!

A fresh look at your market opportunities
We start in all cases with a number of exploratory talks which we make an analysis of your key goals, strategy, positioning, customers, competitors, market performance, current business models and potential sales opportunities for improvement in short time.

Proven approach and method
Customer Insight
What are the main buying motives and wishes of my client? What does he and he delivers?

Customer Focus
On which markets and customers (groups) do not I address myself well and How can I achieve more growth with my current customer base?

Customer Solutions
What products and services do I offer my customers and at what price? What are spearheads and byproducts in my offer?

Customer Management
Is my organization, behavior and skills of employees aligned with the clients we serve?

Customer Process
How can my client processes rationalize and thereby also increase the value perception of the customer?

Customer Contact
How do I increase the efficiency and experience of all offline and online communications and touch points with my clients? What sets us apart from the competition?

Customer Loyalty
Marketing Which means I put in order to increase the loyalty, retention and ARPU among my clients

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